Create a Fun Atmosphere for Night Swimming with Light Features

The right lighting features can take your swimming pool from a relaxing daytime place to hang out, to a fun, club-like scene for entertainment and parties. Today’s pool lights are much different than the old fashioned circular light commonly found in older pool styles. There are a number of different options and choices, and homes with custom designed pools in Perth can take advantage of recessed lighting that’s built right into the walls of the pool.
Pool Lightings

Choosing the Right Type of Lighting

The most popular choice for pool lighting is still the bright white LED light. Some pools have just one light at the end of the pool, but many designs now implement white lights on the sides of the pool, too. The brightness of these lights means that you won’t need additional lighting around the pool, but to enhance the overall ambiance of night time swimming consider multi-coloured fibre optic lighting.

Fibre optics are dimmer lights that can be run through your landscaping or attached to a water feature such as a waterfall or fountain. Fibre optic strip lighting can run along the sides of your pool and really complete the nightclub feel you might want for a party or romantic night by the pool. They come in a multitude of colours, allowing you to customise the look and feel of your outdoor entertainment area. With fibre optic lighting you will also want to include some brighter lights to cover the entire pool area, as fibre optic lights are more for visual effect than actual illumination of the pool area.

Light Up Water Features for Pools

Once you’ve customised the lighting features that go inside and around your pool, it’s time to consider some special light up water features. These features are the items that can take your pool from nice to fabulous. Some features are built directly into the pool’s design, such as a waterfall or fountain. Lights within these features can be white and bright or dimmer and multicoloured.

Floating features such as lily pads, man-o-war, flowers, or round lights allow you to have a variety of colours floating all over your pool. Not only will the colours impress your guests, but the different styles and designs of these lights can be classic or whimsical to fit your personality. If you want to do a lot of night time entertainment, consider light up underwater barstools, too. You can sink these next to a shallow edge and your guests can enjoy a drink while sitting in the water.

With the variety of light features and designs, Perth swimming pools are easily transformed from day time to night time with the flip of a switch. Most lighting systems come equipped with remote controls so that you can manage not only your lighting but the water features, too. By adding some well-placed lighting to your pool and landscaping, you can have a pool that’s not only beautiful but memorable to family and friends.